Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hot Air Balloons

Reaching for the Moon over Pittsfield,NH

Hot Air Balloon "Unnamed" on the Suncook River Pittsfield,NH
Over Pittsfield,NH

"Celtic Magic" and "Lucy in the Sky" over the
Suncook River Sunday morning

Reflections with "Tia's Tuition", "Gary's Balloon", and "Opportunity"
On the Suncook River.

"Opportunity" and "Lucy in the Sky"

Reflections with "Opportunity" and "Gary's Balloon" with "Lucy in the Sky"
an unknown balloon in the foreground.

"Peanuts4Ever" and "Gary's Balloon"
In the background is "Oaxaca"

reflections with "Peanuts4Ever"
Morning launch 1

Equinox II  - 2

Destination Unknown - 1
Wild Ride - 1

Irish Rover - 1

Night Glow
Wild Ride - 2
Some of the Hot Air Balloon pictures I have available.

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