Tuesday, June 11, 2013

2013 New England Classic Charity Ride

This section of ledge got a couple
of riders. It was very slippery.

plenty of water

Just before the lunch stop

The race to lunch...

Pit Stop at Alton Circle Grocery

The early section after the lunch

just off Rt.140

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pond Hockey Tournament in Meredith,NH

Ashley and I drove over to Meredith this past Sunday to catch some of the Pond Hockey Tournament going on. Lots of activity, especially with the gearing up for the Rotary Fishing Derby this coming weekend. You could find plenty to eat, with Hot Dogs, Sausages and Pizza and Hot Coffee and Hot Chocolate.
There were, at any one time about 4-5 games going on at one of the 25+ rinks they had on the ice. Maybe next year we'll see the whole thing.
Not much snow, so when they took a "shot" you had to be
paying attention to where the puck was going.

The action fast..

...and furious

He shoots....
blocked by some good defense

some TUFF action going on

and some great skating...